5 Basic Tips If You’re New to Cannabis

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It’s important to have some sort of clue about what direction to go in when heading into unfamiliar territory, whether it’s first-timers getting their kicks in Washington or Colorado or folks who haven’t had the opportunity to indulge in their favorite plant for quite awhile. Whatever the circumstance, it’s clear from a few recent reports that there is a load of new and returning users who aren’t educated about some basic ways to keep themselves and others from having overwhelming and unpleasant experiences. Whatever experience level is your starting point, it will be valuable to go forward into the relatively unknown equipped with a little knowledge. Do Some Research Before smoking, ingesting or applying any sort of cannabis-infused goods, find out about what type of experience to expect from each different product. Look into the characteristics and contrasts between sativa and indica strains, read up on dabbing and wax and find out about how canna-oil and canna-butter work in the body. Being intellectually prepared will make a difference in how enjoyable the physical effects will be once they start to kick in. Remember: this is supposed to feel good. Test the Waters Because the hormonal and chemical makeup of every body is different, taking the time to really figure out what works and what doesn’t work will make a tremendous difference in how an experience will carry out. For some people, smoking produces a more enjoyable effect than eating edibles or vice versa. It’s a good idea to give any new marijuana experience a test run in private — kind of like trying out a test patch before dying hair — before going all the way in and possibly regretting it later in public. Ask Questions If a dispensary carries a product of interest, there’s never any harm in asking…

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