The Dangers Of High-Functioning Depression And Anxiety


Depression and anxiety are issues that plague many people all over the world. It may be due to our busy and stressful lives, it might be due to the additives in foods we eat, or it could be other reasons. The jury is still out over the cause. One of the biggest problems that people have, when suffering from depression and anxiety, is that they mask their symptoms so well that others don’t realize they are having any problems. This sort of behavior is a survival instinct. People with depression will most often hide it very well and smile at others and carry on at work as if there are no problems at all. In fact, even best friends and family members may not know there is a problem. High-functioning depression and anxiety can lead to suicidal tendencies in people while those around them are completely clueless to be able to step in and offer support. People with this type of depression rarely reach out and ask for help, preferring to keep their feelings private.   Anxiety Diagnosis Paired with Severe Depression Sadly, people who are diagnosed with anxiety are often diagnosed with or suffering from depression as well. This happens 85% of the time and of that 85%, 54% are severely depressed. What are the symptoms of anxiety?       Trouble focusing     Sense of impending doom more often than not     Sweating     Tense muscles     A racing heartbeat, pounding in the chest     Problems breathing or tightness in the chest   What are the symptoms of depression?       Trouble focusing     Lack of interest in daily activities that used to be enjoyable     Not bathing or changing clothes is a sign for many people     Changes…

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Source : The Dangers Of High-Functioning Depression And Anxiety

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