The Cake House Features Art From Locals Travis ‘Sharky’ Crosby and Hasler


In-Store Exhibit To Be Part Of the Dispensary’s Plan To Exhibit Local Artists VISTA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ambition—The Cake House, a premier veteran-owned cannabis dispensary, announced today it will feature local artists Travis “Sharky” Crosby and Hasler in their stores as a way to celebrate and promote the local art scene. The two local artists were selected based on their diverse artistic abilities — something the Cake House was after for its brand and art. The artists were able to paint in a wide variety of styles, which well suited the diverse themes at each individual Cake House location. Crosby and Hasler are both San Diego natives, who have been creating art together since the early-to-mid 90s. Their artistic styles were originally birthed within the influence of the San Diego/Los Angeles graffiti and street art scene. “We’ve always been inspired by both graffiti/street art and renaissance/baroque fine art and have always made an effort to marry the two styles where possible,” Crosby and Hasler said. Hasler is also an outstanding graphic designer and fine artist and Travis “Sharky” Crosby has a strong affinity towards portrait art and pop culture art. “We look forward to featuring the beautiful and innovative art of Travis Sharky Crosby and Hasler — two local artists whose work fits right into our brand and design and two artists who are transcending the art scene here in our community,” said Charlena Berry, Cake’s Chief Operating Officer. “We also look forward to continuing to collaborate with Sharky and Hasler at our upcoming dispensaries and beyond. Art is such a profound part of our community and we are thrilled to be able to play our part in the promotion of it.” The Cake House has evolved into a premier cannabis company dedicated to developing and operating customer focused high-end products. It…

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