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The pet food industry is in a period of change that has been happening over the last twenty years. The foods available for our pets are evolving based on what people want and what science is discovering.  We live in an age where information is right at the touch of a few keys on a laptop; consumers are highly educated and demand products that meet their criteria. That said, we are also evolving in how we think of our pets. Many younger adults are choosing pets over having children, and they are taking pet care to new heights. When your pets are basically your children, you treat them a little differently than we used to treat working dogs. Pet foods are expected to contain ‘real food’ nowadays by most consumers. We’re more aware of the needs of our pets and manufacturers are working to formulate foods that better meet the needs of canines, from the pups to the seniors, the Border Collies to the Basset Hounds.  VetriScience foods and products are a result of this new trend in giving your pet the best you can find. Their products are based on research and their company has been providing top-rated foods and supplements to animals for over forty years. For example, they’ve developed a calming formula chew that is based on using colostrum that puppies would receive from their mother in the first weeks of nursing. Colostrum has been scientifically proven to have a calming effect. This product, called Composure, is recommended for things like separation anxiety. These work very well for many animals. If you find they aren’t useful for your situation, then you may wish to try some of the CBD oils made for pets that InnovetPet offers.   Dog Foods Most dog foods, no matter how pricey they…

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