How to Eliminate Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety


Does your dog bark or whine, misbehave, or have potty accidents whenever you leave them alone? They may be suffering from separation anxiety. This can be a serious behavioral problem, but there are things that you can do about it. What is Separation Anxiety in Dogs? Dogs with separation anxiety are overly dependent on family members and extremely anxious when separated from them. Some studies have found that around 5% of dogs suffer from separation anxiety. However, the number may actually be higher since some people may not recognize the signs of separation anxiety in their dog or be unaware that their dog is behaving anxiously when they aren’t home. Signs of Dog Separation Anxiety Signs of separation anxiety in dogs may vary between individual dogs and depending on the situation. However, most dogs with separation anxiety will show at least some of the following signs:     Vocalize excessively when they are separated from their owners and/or at greeting or parting     Destructive when left alone     Urinate or defecate when they’re separated from their owners although they are normally potty trained     Follow their owners from room to room and react if left alone outside or in a separate room from their owners     Display signs of anxiety-like panting, pacing, shivering and salivating as soon as their owners begin preparing to leave the house     Want a lot of physical contact with their owners, especially when an owner returns home     Try to prevent their owners from leaving Why Might a Dog Develop Separation Anxiety? Some individual dogs may simply be more prone to anxiety, including separation anxiety. However, many dogs that develop separation anxiety do not spend enough time away from their family as puppies. Puppies that do not have structured…

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