Cannabis and Erectile Dysfunction


In 2020, Seedsman posted a blog citing scientific studies that indicated cannabis users enjoyed enhanced sex lives concerning non-users. In that article, a study published by the journal Sexual Medicine was referenced, which found that cannabis users “more frequently tend to have better sexual function” and that daily user of cannabis performed better on the International Index of Erectile Function than men who used marijuana less frequently, or not at all. In contrast, some small studies have suggested that recreational marijuana use may lead to erectile dysfunction. But a 2018 meta-analysis concluded that, at present, there is a lack of evidence available to confirm any link. So can marijuana assist in erectile function – or better yet, help to conquer dysfunction? It’s a possibility. To understand why, it’s important to know more about how erections occur, as well as what can stop them from occurring. Erectile Function A series of processes occur in the brain and body to facilitate an erection, beginning with the brain signalling through the spinal cord and parasympathetic nervous system to release nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a neurotransmitter that chemically relaxes the smooth muscles in the penis and one of the key necessities in allowing this is good blood flow. The number of arteries inside the penis has to expand to accommodate the additional flow of blood to the area and to allow this, those arteries have to be in tip-top condition. Viagra was discovered to be useful in assisting erectile function by accident. At the time, Pfizer was developing a drug to treat angina and other cardiovascular problems when another benefit popped up out of the blue. As cannabis is a known vasodilator – a substance that widens blood vessels – there is a high likelihood that this is the single most beneficial role…

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