Georgia – Prohibitionist Republican Tom Price Joins Board Of Cannabis Company


Well knock us over with a feather ! Merry Jane reports.. A former Trump official and Congressman who spent his career fighting against medical marijuana just set himself up to profit from a brand new medical cannabis company in his home state of Georgia. Last month, the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission granted medical cannabis production licenses to six out of 69 applicants. These six winners will now be able to legally manufacture, produce, and sell low-THC cannabis oils under the state’s limited medical marijuana program. Among these, the state awarded two Class 1 licenses allowing businesses to grow up to 100,000 square feet of medical pot and four Class 2 licenses with a 50,000 square-foot cap. When the winning applicants were announced, local advocates were shocked to discover that Tom Price, a career Republican politician and staunch opponent of cannabis reform, is on the board of directors of Botanical Sciences, LLC, a company that won one of the two coveted Class 1 licenses. Read the full article at   Remember this The search is on for a new secretary of Health and Human Services after former Georgia Congressman Tom Price resigned on Friday following a scandal over using expensive private charter flights for official travel. President Trump has named Deputy Assistant Secretary Don Wright as acting chief of the department. Washington Post reporter John Wagner joins Hari Sreenivasan for more on what’s next.


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Source : Georgia – Prohibitionist Republican Tom Price Joins Board Of Cannabis Company

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