6 Best Battery Chargers For Vaping


Nobody recommends using your mod for charging the vape battery concerning safe practices. No wonder that you cannot take your mod cover as a charger. Once you use it in that manner, it brings forth a range of persisting battery problems. Overheated batteries, overcharging, and uneven charging might be other complications. And to some extent, it not only reduces the longevity of the battery but also is responsible for promoting intimidating vaping experiences. What’s worse is that the battery and mod may explode, resulting in injuring someone. Thus, the point of consideration here is to stay out of danger by using a reliable vape battery charger. So, how would you differentiate a good battery charger from an average one? Well, by assessing the performance. Given that battery chargers have one prime job to function, it is responsible for charging your batteries. And using a premium quality charge will not only extend the lifespan but also keep you safe. So, here goes the list of the top six battery chargers that are reliable for vaping. 1.   Efest LUC V6 This vape battery charger encompasses a whopping LCD screen for displaying valuable pieces of information concerning the batteries. Besides, you can view the battery voltage, charging status, and charging mode on display. The Efest LUC V6 supports prominent vape battery sizes like 20700, 26650, and 18650. But the only downside is it doesn’t support 21700 batteries. It can charge up to two batteries and three-six batteries at 2.0A and 0.68A, respectively. The 3 and 4 slots only support the 2.0A charging. This charger has over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage, and even reverse polarity protection to keep you safe.     2.   Nitecore i8 If you want to charge eight batteries simultaneously, i8 is just your proper selection. It supports vape batteries like 20700, 18650,…

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