5 Unusual CBD Products You’ve Never Heard Of


As cannabidiol (CBD) becomes more popular, we are seeing a greater number of products that use it as a main or active component. For the most part, these products involve new methods of taking it in its existing forms. CBD oil, for example, can be ingested directly, but you can also vape it, add it to food, or take it in the form of a capsule.   The benefits of CBD have also helped in the creation of CBD products by including it in things that align with the ways it can help our health and wellness. Adding it to skin products, for example, helps it reduce inflammation in skin to treat things like acne. However, there are some more unusual CBD products that don’t seem to make much sense when you first see them. These sorts of products are usually a bit of an experiment, or trying new and unique ways to use the benefits of CBD that you would not think of off the top of your head. Here are five examples. #1) Toothpicks Some people often use toothpicks to clear bits of food and debris that gets stuck between their teeth or along their gums. While a CBD-infused toothpick may seem odd at first, keep in mind that when you are poking at your gums, you may occasionally draw blood or cause your gums to be inflamed. The addition of CBD simply helps reduce any pain inflammation that using toothpicks can cause. #2) Bed Sheets One of the main reasons why people take CBD is to improve their sleep, especially if they have a condition like insomnia. It can either directly help you sleep by affecting your circadian rhythm so you feel tired at night, or by reducing distracting factors like pain. Now, you can get bed…

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