We tried it: Raw Garden Refined live resin review


I’ve been writing about weed professionally since 2017, which means I entered the industry at just the right time to get an encyclopedic crash course in dabbing. Five years later, I’m still primarily a flower guy. But throughout the 2010s, what kept me coming back to concentrates was knowing which brands I could rely on for pure-grade, high-quality products. Raw Garden is the brand name that remains synonymous, in my mind at least, with the ideal dab.  “The dab market is far and away the wildest corner of the weed world. From high-tech devices to crystalline extracts, innovation moves at a frantic pace, churning out futuristic products and new forms of concentrates at warp speed,” said Lindsay MaHarry for Weedmaps. Even in 2021, when advances in vape and e-rig technology have arguably made the “perfect dab” more accessible than ever, the perpetually evolving concentrate market can be overwhelming to newcomers — especially if you exist outside the inner SoCal weed scene.  It doesn’t help that both the legitimate technological advancements in dab gear and the proliferation of cheap imitators over the last decade have been staggering. And whether you’re new to dabbing or a seasoned veteran of the dab revolution, securing a trustworthy, high-quality concentrate is tantamount to having the experience that ardent dabbers swear by.  For this review, we’ll be trying out Raw Garden’s Refined Live Resin Diamonds, Refined Live Resin Crushed Diamonds, and Refined Live Resin vape cartridge + battery. First impressions The first thing that sets Raw Garden apart from its contemporaries is the price point. Its concentrates tend to cost significantly less than other brands with comparable products and quality. Anytime you can get a gram of top-notch sauce for around $30 in LA, it’s worth lauding.  The packaging is both clean and inviting. It’s a…

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