We tried it: Kiva Lost Farm gummies review


Even for the most adamant flower enthusiasts, the pull of a reliable, precisely-dosed edible is inescapable. Convenience and discretion aren’t always a necessity with cannabis consumption, but while we’re still in this no man’s land era where product options abound in legal markets while prohibition draws its final breath, it’s always good to know where you can turn to for a reliable edible. And it certainly helps if the gummy, chocolate, or other candy you’re working with is tasty. Kiva Confections has been in the edible game since 2010, and over the last decade, they’ve secured a spot at the top of their trade in California’s cannabis market. My experience with the brand has always been overwhelmingly positive. The Kiva Camino Sparkling Pear gummies have become a bona fide staple in my stash, it’s an essential treat for easing into a weeknight and drifting to sleep without overdoing it on the THC.  Kiva pairs elegance with reliability in its products, and the experience is rooted in a strong sense of that nuanced cannabis high for which people turn to the plant in the first place.  Ideally, the goal of a cannabis edible should be to preserve as much of the integrity of the plant as possible. The confections from Kiva’s Lost Farm line seem to be doubling down on this concept, boasting “strain-specific, plant-based gummies and chews infused with 100% live resin for a distinctively full-spectrum high.” Advertised as full-sensory and extra-strength, the Lost Farm gummies and chews are clearly meant to denote a nuanced high that mirrors the physical experience that Mother Nature intended. So let’s open up some Lost Farm gummies and see how it measures up to Kiva’s other tasty edibles.  For this review, we’ll be looking at the Lost Farm raspberry and strawberry lemonade gummies, made…

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