The Ganjier: A New Class of Cannabis Professional

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With the dawn of the legal cannabis world several years ago, many of us in the fledgling business realized that education was key to breaking the age-old stigmas around this healing plant. The public needed to learn that we were promoting Reefer Gladness, not Reefer Madness. To accomplish this, we asked ourselves how we could best spread the word about the benefits of cannabis. Green Flower Media in Southern California, under the guidance of CEO and Co-Founder Max Simon, landed on a great solution: They created a strong online presence with a website that featured classes available to everyone, taught by masters from various segments of the cannabis world. Through successful marketing strategies and dedication to knowledge sharing, it has become a popular destination to learn about all things cannabis. It was in early 2018 that Max Simon, along with cultivator Derek Gilman, and longtime master cannabis breeder Kevin Jodrey began discussing the possibility of creating a special program to train students in the deeper knowledge of cannabis. They called it The Ganjier Program. Jodrey came up with the program’s original concept, which was modeled after the wine sommelier and other gustatory-based vocations. Simon offered his observation of a real need to train budtenders and others in the business so that they could better serve and inform the public. Educating consumers about cannabis while also giving recognition to the craft cannabis growers who cultivate connoisseur-quality weed was key. They also developed an innovative, exclusive assessment tool, which gave way to a global repository for cannabis data and information, accessible by Ganjiers worldwide. This sage triumvirate gathered various experts together in order to create a syllabus for a training program, which was formalized into The Ganjier Certification Program. In addition to Jodrey, eighteen respected names in the cannabis field were chosen…

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