Advocates threaten legal action against Health Canada for delaying patient access to psilocybin


Mugglehead reports.. Advocacy group TheraPsil is teaming up with lawyers to pressure the government to grant access and develop regulations More than ever, Canadians want to use psychedelics as medicine to relieve severe mental distress, but after a promising stretch of granted exemptions, regulator Health Canada appears to be stalling the process. As applications from patients to use psilocybin pile up, their requests are being neglected, advocates say. And legal experts think patients are entitled to a reply, and are working alongside advocates to compel the government to give answers and provide access to treatment otherwise prohibited by drug laws. “The mandate of Health Canada should not be to oppress patients to make them feel judged for using a medicine,” says Spencer Hawkswell, CEO of advocacy group TheraPsil. “It should be to help them safely do it.” TheraPsil is a Victoria-based non-profit organization that helps people legally access psilocybin for treatment. The organization is asking Minister of Health Patty Hajdu to develop regulations for using psilocybin medically, and to provide a legal source. So far, the organization has helped 34 patients and 19 healthcare professionals across Canada receive exemptions via section 56 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. TheraPsil has supported people like Jim Daswell, who suffers from cancer, anxiety, depression and PTSD, but doesn’t qualify for end-of-life treatment. Daswell has been waiting months to hear back from Health Canada. “And the current approach that the government is taking towards us is — I think — unfair, and that people who have cancers in remission, severe anxiety or severe depression, live every day with a sword of Damocles hanging over their heads,” Daswell said during a TheraPsil webinar this week. To deprive people of a known cure, which is safe when done in a proper medical or clinical environment…

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Source : Advocates threaten legal action against Health Canada for delaying patient access to psilocybin

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