Microdosing Is the Future of Cannabis

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As North America has settled comfortably into its recreational era, I’m thinking about the future of cannabis consumption. While aficionados of the plant rightfully have many concerns about the pharmaceutical industry’s evolving relationship with marijuana, I’d argue that the future of cannabis is based on certain pharmacological principles — those of consistency, predictability and repeatability. And a large part of that equation leads us to the importance, and even necessity, of microdosing cannabis. We already know that the future of cannabis revolves around the consumers who have yet to walk into a marijuana shop. The existing ganja markets have progressed substantially — but the industry is currently looking to untapped markets for future growth. The Santa Monica mom or Toronto dad who never got their medical marijuana recommendations but are curious about the ease a recreational shop offers in the months to come? These are the personas that marketing executives are now targeting from El Paso to Saskatoon, from San Diego to Bangor. But how does legal cannabis appeal to this cautiously careful rookie demographic? By offering these potential new adopters a consistent, predictable and repeatable high — the kind of pinpointed experience they’ve rarely, if ever, enjoyed from the cannabis plant. It’s part of the beauty of cannabis, really: This is a plant, a living being, with the haphazard inconsistency that comes along with that. But now that cannabis is a government-regulated commodity and states are testing marijuana flower and pot products for potency, these growers and producers face responsibilities that black market operators never had to bother with. Kiva’s Terra Bites contain only 5 mg THC per bite. Photo Gracie Malley for Cannabis Now And I should know. Five years ago, I wasn’t consuming cannabis at all. I don’t smoke anything, and so my only real experiences with…

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