Washington Q&A: Hemp Processor Registration and Hemp Extract Certification


On April 16, 2021, Governor Jay Inslee signed Senate Bill 5372 (SB 5372), “An Act relating to hemp processor registration and a hemp extract certification into law.” SB 5372 went into effect on July 25, 2021, and creates a voluntary registration and certification program that hemp processors can opt-in to in the Evergreen State. The purpose of SB 5372 is to allow Washington hemp companies to sell ingestible hemp products, like hemp-CBD, in other states that require certain safety standards. However, Washington does not allow for the sale of ingestible hemp products (other than hemp seed ingredients) and SB 5372 does not change that. Here are the answers to some common questions we’ve been fielding about how SB 5372 will work. What is a hemp processor? A hemp processor is any “person who takes possession of raw hemp material with the intent to modify, package, or sell a transitional hemp product.” (SB 5372 Section 2.) The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) will register hemp processors who elect apply for such registration. What is hemp extract certification? SB 5372 creates a “hemp extract certification,” defined as “a certification issued by the [WSDA] to a hemp processor manufacturing hemp extract (i.e., a substance or compound intended for human ingestion, derived from, or made by, processing hemp) for export to other states, which certifies the hemp processor’s compliance with Washington state’s inspection and sanitation requirements.” Section 1 (8) and (9). Section 6 of SB 5372 focuses on hemp extract certification: Hemp extracts are not an approved food ingredient in Washington until it is federally authorized for use as a food ingredient. The FDA has long maintained that hemp extract (setting aside hemp seed products) is not an approved food ingredient. A hemp processor who wants to produce hemp extract as food ingredient to be sold in…

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