Victoria: State Labor Govt Puts Brakes On Any Thoughts Of Cannabis Legalization


Not allowed to get on the beers and now not allowed to toke on the bong! A Victorian government spokeswoman told newspaper The Age that “Our focus is on fighting the pandemic and creating jobs – we have no plans to legalise cannabis”.   The Committee is also not making specific recommendations for introducing a legalised and regulated market but has put forward significant issues for the Victorian Government to consider if such a model were introduced. However, the Committee does highlight issues for consideration by the Government.  

The 2 year inquiry was to close to getting to a sensible conclusion so the axepersons on the committee  ensured that the legalizing cannabis can in Victoria was kicked as far down the road as possible. Axeman – Dr Thien Kieu (Labor) Axe Woman Sheena Watt (Labor) Axewoman – Kaushaliya Vaghela (Labor) Unsurprisingly supported by .. Liberal MP Georgie Crozier A hearty 3 cheers to Fiona Patten for trying but once again the independent  is shafted by the major parties. To paraphrase the bard, a pox on both their houses although it has to be said the pox is exactly the tool they have used as the pretext that they have other things on their mind our focus is on fighting the pandemic etc etc Fiona Patten Click on the image below to read/watch submissions and transcripts THE FULL REPORT LCLSIC_59-07_Use_of_cannabis_in_Vic   The Melbourne Age reports Andrews government quashes push to legalise cannabis in Victoria A two-year State Parliament inquiry that was set to recommend legalising cannabis in Victoria has been watered down after Andrews government MPs intervened at the last minute. The inquiry’s report, to be released on Thursday morning, now suggests the government “investigate the impacts of legalising cannabis for adult personal use in Victoria” – a…

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Source : Victoria: State Labor Govt Puts Brakes On Any Thoughts Of Cannabis Legalization

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