Growing Cannabis Outdoors: Good Yields from Bad Weather

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Growing cannabis outdoors is the most natural way to grow your own. Your crops receive free energy from the sun, and their roots have more room to expand in the ground. This usually means plants grow bigger and stronger, with higher yields of more potent, tastier bud. That said, we’re not all blessed with perfect weather. Some growers must risk heavy rain and brisk winds. Some places are colder than others, and some are too hot!  This article explores how to get the best harvests, even when the odds are against you. We’ll look at your choice of seeds, where to plant them, and how to protect your plants from all but the severest of weather.  Protecting Your Cannabis From the Elements Weather can be unpredictable, no matter what climate you live in. This means cultivators must be able to adapt quickly and effectively. Learning how to protect your cannabis crops from the elements is an essential step for any budding grower.  Wind A little wind is vital to a healthy growing environment. It helps strengthen stems for future colas and reduces moisture. However, too much of it can break branches and injure your crops. To protect your cannabis from intense winds, we suggest sowing your feminized seeds near a wall or hedge, to act as a windbreak. Alternatively, you can erect poles next to each growing plant, securing them with string to give your crops extra support. Cold Temperatures below 53 degrees Fahrenheit can devastate your cannabis plants. The cold slows down your crop’s metabolism, damages the root system, and can increase the chance of mold. To combat low temps, we suggest placing frost covers over your outdoor crops to protect them during the night. You can also install heat mats to keep the soil around your plants warm, and to stop the ambient temperature from dropping too low. If you’ve planted your weed seeds in pots, you could move them inside when the…

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