CBD Regulation Doesn’t Have To Wait For Comprehensive Cannabis Reform (Op-Ed)

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A former top Republican congressional staffer calls on lawmakers to effectively regulate CBD in foods and dietary supplements now. By Brendan Belair and Kyle Turk, Natural Products Association In many ways, the summer of 2019 seems like a lifetime ago, yet some memories are still vivid. On July 10, 2019, one of us (Brendan) was serving as staff director for Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee, sitting behind members on the dais, listening to all-too-rare bipartisan harmony. Both sides were in agreement: it is time for the federal marijuana prohibition to end. While consensus is building in Congress to address comprehensive cannabis reform, it is running into the usual roadblocks big legislative initiatives face from a dysfunctional system. And that is why, rather than continuing to spin their wheels, making noise but not progress when it comes to cannabis reform, Congress and industry advocates should take an easy win and recognize the value of incremental legislative change. That opportunity is addressing the multi-billion dollar CBD marketplace, and setting a safe level of daily consumption for consumers. CBD regulation is ripe for action, and unlike some of its other reform dance partners, it has a chance to move forward in the 117th Congress. Momentum is everything on Capitol Hill, especially when dealing with laws as outdated as those regarding cannabis. It was almost three years ago when Congress legalized hemp-derived CBD in the Farm Bill. If Congress can’t encourage the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to finally regulate hemp, how can we possibly expect Congress to tackle full legalization of cannabis? Especially when, by all measures, the House has devolved into little more than political theater these days. For more than four years, the Natural Products Association (NPA) has been asking FDA to provide consumers with assurance that the CBD products…

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