What are silicone bongs? Here are 5 brands you should know about


Let’s take a moment of silence for every beautiful bong that has suffered an untimely end at the hands of a butter-fingered stoner — myself included. Like many glass purists, I have watched in horror as my absolute favorite piece hit the ground and shatter – may it now rest in pieces. To lessen the possibility of broken bongs in the future, consider a silicone bong. Sure, I’ll always keep a nice borosilicate beaker in my collection, but who says you can’t have variety?  Silicone bongs come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, but generally include the same components, and like their glass counterparts, these pieces are pretty intuitive to use and offer a smooth hit. Some silicone options even include percolators or ice pinches, both of which can filter or cool down smoke even more, improving the experience.  Below, find out why silicone bongs are gaining popularity and check out a few of our recommendations. Why buy a silicone bong?  Silicone bongs are nearly impossible to break with the exception of the bowl itself, which can typically be replaced. A quality silicone bong is made of food-grade silicone that is bendy, durable, and non-toxic. You can drop it and it won’t shatter, which makes it a great choice for chronic bong breakers.  It’s also fantastic for consumers who are always on the move. Some options are small enough to throw in a backpack without fear of destroying it — no need for a fancy protective case. There are even rollable silicone bongs that can be easily transported or stored in small spaces. Whether you’re going on an outdoor adventure or hitting up a party, you’ll be able to take bong rips wherever you go.  Silicone bongs are also super easy to clean thanks to silicone’s natural non-stick properties. It…

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