Marijuana Is Good For Insomnia, Bad For Dreams

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Sleep. It is the act of putting one’s mind out of its misery for a few hours each night so they can face the day ahead with hopefully fewer glimpses of darkness and despair than the day before. This is always the goal. But sadly, while catching 40 winks is one of the most natural aspects of existing on this planet as a living, breathing organism, it is not always as easy to achieve for some of the more restless of the breed. Statistics from the American Sleep Association show that in upwards of 70 million adults in the United States alone suffer from some form of sleep disorder. The group goes on to say that 30 percent of the population is doomed to endure a vicious case of insomnia at some point before, ironically, drifting into the great unknown — the eternal sleep — death. Sure, we will all sleep when we’re dead. But we are exhausted right now, and how many hours of Netflix can we possible binge watch — none of it is worth a d*mn anyway — and, sweet Jesus, what dog known to man is capable of barking all night long and, dear god, there’s only an hour left before its time to get up for work and there isn’t enough coffee in the world that can resurrect our half-dead shells in a way to make us as productive as the boss is counting on us to be. Have mercy on the poor souls that dare greet us with “good morning,” following a frustrating night like that. So it is essential for humans to get substantial sack time. Cannabis is said to be the ticket to such slumber. But there are a lot of conflicting reports regarding this phenomenon. Some researchers claim that weed is good for sleep, while others say…

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Source : Marijuana Is Good For Insomnia, Bad For Dreams

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