Denver gets first marijuana retailer applicant under social equity program

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A former University of Denver student who was cited for possessing marijuana in Wyoming 11 years ago has become the first applicant in the city for a marijuana retail store license under the new social equity program. Daniel Morgan, the owner of the business Social Cannabis, was prosecuted in 2010 for a cannabis-related crime that would have been at worst a small fine today in Colorado. Instead, his conviction made life difficult. “My senior year of college, I got a minor in possession charge in Wyoming, less than an ounce or 28 grams (of cannabis),” Morgan said. “It was kind of during the time in my life when I started applying for jobs, and unfortunately it made it kind of difficult to apply because it was kind of the infancy of the cannabis industry.” Social Cannabis is applying to operate at 5068 N. Federal Blvd., in the Regis neighborhood where it is leasing the building. Social Cannabis is also the first applicant for a new cannabis store license since 2016 in Denver, as there was a cap in place on the number of dispensaries until the City Council revised the rules in April. When Denver created its social equity program in April, it restricted new cannabis retail and cultivation licenses to applicants who met certain qualifications until 2027. Eric Heinz, BusinessDenDaniel Morgan is the owner of Social Cannabis, which would be the city’s first new dispensary since 2016. Morgan has been working in the cannabis industry almost ever since his conviction, and he said he is looking to have six or seven employees if the business license is approved. He plans to work with multiple cultivators through relationships he built within the industry. Social Cannabis will next have a public hearing on its application to determine the timeline as to…

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Source : Denver gets first marijuana retailer applicant under social equity program

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