Avex Releases 100% Hemp Cloth T-shirt


A fabric brand “majotae” from Japan using sustainable and globally noticed material hemp Expanding the use of hemp cloth and realizing new sustainability TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Avex Entertainment Inc. began limited sales from July 30 of the T-shirts from a Japanese fabric brand “majotae” (pronounced “ma-yo-tah-e”) on its official website, using hemp*1, the natural, sustainable material that is gaining attention globally. By maximizing the company’s knowhow in creating entertainment contents, Avex shares with the world a new concept in sustainability—hemp cloth, which combines both comfort as clothing, and earth-friendly, ecological aspects. Avex is cultivating a brand new field of business that creates moving experiences beyond the field of entertainment. About majotae Majotae is a brand that utilizes modern technology to resurrect the true texture of the hemp cloth that Japanese people have used since ancient times. The greatest feature of “majotae” is its realization of a texture that overturns the image of typical hemp—as feeling hard and rough—to achieve silky touch and cotton softness. Avex began this joint project in 2011 together with Shinichiro Yoshida, a leading expert in hemp cloth and an advisor to Avex, and Genbei Yamaguchi, 10th-generation Kondaya obi (kimono sash) artisan. After thoroughly researching the Edo-era production process of hemp cloth, and improving spinning efficiency by replacing the various manual processing methods with the latest technology and knowhow in order to mechanize them, in 2014 the company released softer, high-quality hemp cloth that fits to the body and becomes more supple in texture the longer it is used. Greatly expanding the use of the sustainable material hemp Hemp grows quickly, even in barren land and arid regions, without causing burden to the environment. It is gaining attention as the ultimate ecological material*2. Until now, only woven textile could be produced which was limited in use due to the…

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Source : Avex Releases 100% Hemp Cloth T-shirt

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