What are mids? A guide to moderately good weed


Every modern cannabis consumer can probably agree on one fact: weed can be really expensive. While many consumers want the type of top-shelf bud that earns them bragging rights among friends, is it always worth it to spend the extra cash? Of course, no one wants sad crumbly shwag with a THC level that wouldn’t even impress your grandpa. Enter mids – the glorious goldilocks of weed. Some of your stoner friends may rag on mids given their undeserved bad reputation. Part of me understands as I, too, would love to smoke only the best weed all the time. But there are a number of issues with ruling out mids when shopping for weed: it’s kind of elitist, it’s not budget-friendly, and depending on your needs, it may not always be necessary to buy top-shelf.  What exactly does mids mean?  The term “mids” basically refers to weed that’s not the worst you’ve ever had, but certainly isn’t the dankest, either. It’s the C+ student of weed. While the term has no clear origin, it seems to have grown in popularity over the last decade, often used to shame other people’s weed.  People really still smoking mids in 2021?— (@cozyboh) June 22, 2021https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js According to Ted Lidie, founder of Alienlabs, “Whether it comes from unknown origins, doesn’t taste or burn good, has poor bag appeal, or doesn’t affect you like you hoped it would, the term mids has become a catch-all term for poor quality products.” He explained that this wasn’t always the case, and mids were once used to describe weed that was actually middle-of-the-road in quality. “There was high grade, hydro, or chronic for the true top-shelf stuff, mids or reggie for the middle of the road stuff, and schwag or brick for the real low-shelf products. Green bud…

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