Webinar – July 28 2021: Peyote and Decriminalization Webinar Q&A


Here’s the introduction read all the Q&A’s at https://plantmedicinehealing.org/peyote-and-decriminalization-webinar-qa/?mc_cid=49d709df47&mc_eid=97f9df24b6     The Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative Communications Committee took questions from participants during the Peyote and Decriminalization Webinar which took place onMay 25th, 2021. Because there were more than 200 questions asked during the webinar, we combined many of them and answered as much as possible. We focused our answers primarily on the U.S. issues as this is where the Decriminalization efforts this Webinar was addressing take place. Tap here to watch the recording and visitwww.IPCI.Life to learn more. Important Terms: IPCI: Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative NAC: Native American Church NCNAC: National Council of Native American Churches Questions & Answers   ON CONSERVATION AND CULTIVATION biocultural context: history, ecology, spirit, religion, Indigenous sovereignty. What is Peyote conservation? The term Peyote conservation refers to biocultural conservation, meaning protection of the plant, land, ecosystems, people, traditional knowledge, culture and Indigenous sovereignty. Peyote conservation, protection, and future sustainability is a primary concern for Indigenous Peyote people at this time. Who is working to conserve Peyote? Concerted, on the ground conservation work in the United States has not been conducted by any organization prior to IPCI. Only in recent years have NAC organizations received philanthropic support for conservation work, at which time NAC Leadership decided to form IPCI. Other partners, besides Native American Church members, include ranchers and land owners, scientists and other allies. There are other indigenous organizations now working on conservation both in the US and Mexico. Some examples are Sia as the Comanche Native American Church and Wixratica youth organization ‘Hablamos del Hikori’. All wild Peyote in the US grows on private ranch lands in south Texas, making conservation work dependent on establishing relationships built on trust and respect with the ranching community. Similarly, conservation in Mexico requires partnering with ranchers. What are IPCIs strategies for protecting natural Peyote habitat…

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Source : Webinar – July 28 2021: Peyote and Decriminalization Webinar Q&A

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