Founder and CEO of ACC of Illinois Awarded Cannabis Transportation License


<![CDATA[AURORA — PRESS RELEASE — As of Aug. 1, 2021, Victoria Williams is the first person in the State of Illinois to be issued a Cannabis Transportation License. This certification authorizes her business to transport cannabis and cannabis-infused products on behalf of other Illinois cannabis business establishments.“I am so excited to take this step forward not just for my business, but for the entire cannabis industry in the state of Illinois,” remarked Williams. “I’m also very proud to represent my community as a Black woman, an educator and a businesswoman.”Over the past six years, Williams and her partners at ACC of Illinois have developed multiple educational platforms and hands-on training programs necessary to participate in the cannabis business. This was developed alongside the cannabis tour she led in Denver, Colo., which provided potential applicants with courses on dispensary and processing facilities, networking opportunities with owners, and cost analysis strategies. She is also the author of three books titled Cooking with a Twist, Cannabis Puzzles, Illinois Dispensary Training Manual and How to Start a Daycare Sis!“Our main goal is to address the lack of information about cannabis education and business, especially within Black and Brown communities,” said Williams. “My partners at ACC of Illinois and I are dedicated to providing education, training, networking opportunities to groups that were the most targeted by anti-drug laws in decades past.”]]>

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Source : Founder and CEO of ACC of Illinois Awarded Cannabis Transportation License

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