Everything you need to know about Blue Cookie Strain


For many centuries, marijuana has been a widely consumed plant for various purposes, from recreational to medicinal. One of the most widely used consumption methods in the past and one that has become fashionable today is edibles, which offer a variety of possibilities that other methods do not enjoy. However, what really sets edible like marijuana apart? Cookies have always been on the list of everyone’s favorite desserts, since they are easy to prepare, mold and bake. In addition, there are a wide variety of different recipes that provide different flavors and textures, among them is the recipe for the famous marijuana cookies, which have gained popularity in the world of cannabis. Furthermore, edibles like marijuana blue cookie strain are a great option when consumed responsibly. From cookies, chocolate or the famous brownies, this method offers a powerful effect on the whole body, perfect for people suffering from loss of appetite, nausea or general pain. The reason for this is due to its effect, since marijuana cookies would not be ordinary cookies, but would have a hallucinogenic and euphoric effect on their consumers, added to a rich flavor and an exquisite and homely smell. Most of the time it sounds like an urban legend, but the reality is that> the use of marijuana in food is something that dates back thousands of years, while smoking it is something relatively recent, and has been increasing since the 16th century. But could it be that we end up finding marijuana brownies and cookies on the supermarket shelves?   Marijuana cookies and biscuits at the grocery store? It sounds like a silly question, but since recreational marijuana was legalized a year ago in the state of Colorado, the success of edible marijuana products has only grown. There are many companies specialized in its production, they grow and prepare a wide range of marijuana sweets, from…

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