How Cannabis Is Becoming More Environmentally Friendly


The cannabis industry is no stranger to challenges, with inconsistent laws making it extremely difficult to optimise practices or receive funding. This has contributed greatly to the sector’s carbon footprint, as cultivators are often unable to invest in greener energy sources such as solar arrays, while restrictions on transporting weed mean it often has to be grown in locations that lack the climate for outdoor production. Nevertheless, several innovative solutions are finally allowing growers to rise to the challenge of producing more environmentally friendly cannabis. Related Post The Environmental Impact Of Cannabis Cultivation… And How To Grow Greener Weed How Can The Cannabis Industry Become More Environmentally Friendly? The environmental impact of the cannabis industry has hit the headlines recently, with studies indicating that weed production now accounts for four percent of the total electricity usage in Colorado. Unsurprisingly, this energy usage is driven entirely by indoor production, with lighting, heating, ventilation, and dehumidification requiring a significant amount of power in such grow rooms. For that reason, a shift to outdoor cultivation is seen by many as the single biggest step that can be taken towards making cannabis more environmentally friendly. Compared to indoor facilities, greenhouses are estimated to produced 42 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions, while growing outdoors can reduce emissions by as much as 96 percent. While some believe that weed grown indoors is more potent than cannabis produced outside, some independent analyses have indicated that this simply isn’t the case and that environmentally friendly cannabis that is cultivated outdoors is often loaded with cannabinoids[i]. That said, mismanagement of outdoor growing spaces can still generate major environmental damage, with deforestation, excessive water use, and chemical runoff being among the major harms associated with this cultivation model. Growers are therefore encouraged to take the entire ecosystem into account when…

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