How Cannabis Companies Can Turn Valuation Discounts Into Transparency Premiums with ESG Frameworks


<![CDATA[Many cannabis companies are working to understand Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) trends so that they may mitigate risks and establish compliant policies at the enterprise level.The growing impetus behind the current focus on ESG is not only to comply with new regulations and meet consumer and employee demand, but also to increase the capacity to attract capital as many investors are looking to invest in companies with ESG initiatives in place. Given increased demand for ESG action from businesses, many cannabis companies are uniquely positioned to benefit from highlighting their current ESG efforts and incorporating additional ESG practices. ESG is in the headlines, but it is more than just a fad. At its core, ESG is a process for evaluating longer-term environmental, social and governance risks that are often considered when implementing traditional risk management strategies. This evaluation includes everything from a company’s treatment of employees and contract labor to its potential unintended impacts on the communities in which it operates. This can encompass product safety and labelling, carbon emissions, water consumption, as well as a company’s adoption of meaningful diversity, equity and inclusion programs. The list is long, but it is also important and cannabis operators are poised to take advantage.Because the nascent legal cannabis industry often finds itself needing to overcome public and policymaker misperceptions and abide by strict regulations, many cannabis companies have already incorporated ESG-like policies and good governance into their business model. Growers already analyze their environmental impacts. Brands are required to know the sources of their ingredients and to track their quality. Cannabis product labels are scrutinized for misrepresentations. Because cannabis companies are typically less corporately established entities and because many have evolved from a non-traditional financial background, cannabis companies already also tend to be more diverse and concerned about social justice. By…

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Source : How Cannabis Companies Can Turn Valuation Discounts Into Transparency Premiums with ESG Frameworks

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