12 Coffeeshops With the Best Weed in Amsterdam

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Greetings from Amsterdam, home of the world-famous coffeeshop scene! Though the last decade has been marked by tremendous international progress for cannabis legalization, there is still no city quite like ours when it comes to embracing the plant and its culture. There are currently 169 coffeeshops licensed to sell cannabis in Amsterdam. Most have ample lounges where you can pull up a chair, roll a joint and share a smoke with friends… or make some new ones. Of course, not all coffeeshops have the same quality of cannabis, and it takes an understanding of the local scene to figure out how to find the best connoisseur bud during your next visit. In recent years, Amsterdam’s coffeeshops have been under political pressure as the local government has tried to modernize the city. The area south of the central train station is being redeveloped into a “grand entrance,” and in the process, the new high-end hotels, restaurants and shops have forced dozens of coffeeshops to close. While this is absolutely a setback, the coffeeshop scene remains vibrant in other parts of town. As long as you are over 18 years old, all visitors are welcome in the shops and there are still plenty to go around. Something else that has not changed in recent years is the cannabis supply chain in Amsterdam. It may be legal for coffeeshops to sell cannabis, but it remains illegal for the same shops to buy the inventory. We call this the “backdoor problem.” Cannabis is legal leaving the front door, but illegal entering the back. Because cultivators must do their work in secret, coffeeshops looking to secure inventory with guaranteed quality can face challenges. Some shops work very hard to lock in top growers and cement a reputation for connoisseur product. Others are just lucky to keep any inventory…

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