Cannabis Trichomes 101 – The Uses, Effects, and Purpose


Cannabis trichomes – the hair-like protuberance found on the leaves, stems, and stalks of cannabis – is the jewellery box of the cannabis plant. Trichomes hold the compounds we consider most valuable, such as THC, CBD, and other precious cannabinoids. They also contain the terpenes – those powerhouses which give the weed its beautiful aroma and flavours. Equally as important is that it’s the trichomes that get you high. Those trichomes – the sparkling, sticky crystals we love to see in abundance – are truly the most prized part of your nugs, and like all good valuables, they ‘bling’ for a reason. What is less widely known is that trichomes are found on all manner of plants and are responsible for numerous functions across different plant species – for example, menthol comes from the trichomes of the peppermint plant. Though the ‘tri’ in their name implies ‘three,’ and sure enough in the cress plant species Arabidopsis thaliana, the trichome does have three spiky heads[i], the name trichome is derived from the Greek term ‘trichoma’ meaning ‘hair’ (a trichologist is someone who studies hair and scalp care). Cannabis trichomes can be diverse in their appearance: they can be glandular or non-glandular and can be single-cell or multicellular. Many plants hold important novel chemical secrets within their trichomes, including essential oils, and in the case of cannabis trichomes, pharmaceutical properties. It is for this reason that cannabis trichomes are so highly prized. Studying Trichomes Cannabis trichomes were thought to exist in three different forms – bulbous, sessile, and stalked – but there has been some debate that the sessile and stalked versions may be mature and immature versions of the same type of trichome. Recent findings by Dr. Samuel J. Livingston, of the University of British Columbia, at least suggest as much…

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Source : Cannabis Trichomes 101 – The Uses, Effects, and Purpose

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