4 Rick Simpson Oil products worth trying


Though the recreational cannabis market hasn’t quite seen the ever-ascending explosion of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) products as it has edibles and vape pens, it’s still a huge product in the medical cannabis community. Due to its high-THC content, RSO has long been a staple for patients seeking relief from a variety of ailments, and as the market continues to expand, so too does RSO and its methods of delivery.  If you’ve always been curious about Rick Simpson Oil, or this is the first instance you’ve ever heard of it, then now’s the time to explore your options and see what innovations are going on in the world of cannabis oil extracts.  What is Rick Simpson Oil? Rick Simpson is a Canadian native who first created Rick Simpson Oil to treat his then newly diagnosed basal cell carcinoma in 2003. After applying the oil to his cancerous moles, Simpson claimed that it had cured him. Thus, RSO was born, though Simpson drew controversy, skepticism, and ire from medical professionals due to a lack of scientific research to back up his claims (see the “Controversy and copycats” in our dictionary entry for RSO).   Today, RSO is more commonly referred to as Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) and is a potent decarboxylated cannabis oil originally extracted with the use of ethanol, though many other methods of extraction — such as the use of food-grade solvents — have come into play as the market grows. Now, you can find many brands touting high terpene and unique cannabinoid percentages, along with the already colossal amounts of THC and CBD, within the oil. It can be baked into brownies, taken sublingually, or used as a topical.  Usually, when you walk into a dispensary, you’ll find RSO packaged up in easy-to-dose syringes. However, the use of…

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