The Drop: 5 strains that are hitting menus in August

Another month, another round of new strains and products from some of your favorite brands. Let’s not even waste time with the intro, here are five new strains that will be hitting your local shelves in August. AbsoluteXtracts: White Rhino  AbsoluteXtracts —  ABX for short — is one of the leading concentrates brands in California with a full line of both dabs and vape carts. Recently, I reached out to see what ABX might have coming out on either front, and boy was I hype when I saw the words “White Rhino vape cart” fly back through email.  White Rhino is one of the most potent, sedative strains I’ve ever smoked as flower. So I already know it’s going to smack as a live resin vape cart too. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid that falls from a long line of Afghan, Brazilian, and South Indian landrace strains. Its top reported effects by Weedmaps reviewers are relaxed, happy, and euphoric. Available: California Find AbsoluteXtracts Search AbsoluteXtracts White Rhino Korova Cuts: Black Ice Cream Korova Unrivaled has been dropping heat for quite some time. They had people shook when those 40% THC Wonka Bars hit Instagram, and now in August, they’re coming with some more fire: Black Ice Cream from their Korova Cuts line. Black Ice Cream (just typing that name makes my mouth water) was bred by Motherland Genetics, a Black-owned genetics research company in South Africa. It is a cross of Do-Si-Dos #18 and Gelato. Black Ice Cream buds have a thick coat of trichomes and kick out a mix of vanilla and sugar dough flavors, and as far as the effects go, I’m told that it’s a relaxing strain that was engineered to knock out pain, stress, and any other obstacle in your way.  On the terpene side of things,…

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