Oregon State Board Says Psilocybin Is Effective At Treating Certain Mental Health Condition

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An Oregon review panel established under the state’s voter-approved therapeutic psilocybin legalization initiative has released a report stating that the psychedelic holds significant medical value for a number of mental health conditions. After reviewing about 600 studies that looked into psilocybin, a subcommittee of the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board determined that the substance is shown to be “efficacious in reducing depression and anxiety, including in life-threatening conditions.” It noted that the studies that were under review all involved administration in a clinically supervised setting, which is also required under Oregon’s psilocybin program. “Across studies, psilocybin increases spiritual well-being which may mediate other observed benefits,” the report, which is the product of eight weeks of review, states. “Study participants also commonly rate their psilocybin experiences as highly meaningful.” Mason Marks, who serves on the Oregon advisory board for psilocybin, told Marijuana Moment that this first report “could have practical implications for the program because it contains recommendations to the Oregon Health Authority,” but he added that the group’s recommendations “will evolve over time.” Marks, who is also directing Harvard Law School’s first-of-its-kind psychedelics policy center, said the subcommittee “did an admirable job of producing the document under unfavorable time constraints.” Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s (D) office announced the appointment of 17 members of the psilocybin advisory board in March. The panel is meant to help facilitate the implementation of the historic reform initiative. Sam Chapman, executive director of the Healing Advocacy Fund and the former campaign manager of the successful psilocybin ballot effort, said that the new report “represents the first time a state government has done such a thorough review of the available research,” and it’s “another proof point in the growing evidence that psilocybin can be an effective treatment for healing and growth.” “As designed from Measure 109, this research…

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Source : Oregon State Board Says Psilocybin Is Effective At Treating Certain Mental Health Condition

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