Legal Cannabis Rules in Canada: What Can Change in 2021?


December 12, 2020, was when Health Canada announced a 30-day consultation on a variety of cannabis regulatory issues. This move prompted changes in the regulations in different areas such as cannabis research, product labeling, beverage limits, and more. The comments or further questions have already been submitted in January 2011. The regulatory body was looking to engage with the Canadians to decode the primary focus areas within cannabis regulations. This consultation comes ahead of the review of the federal legislative framework set to begin in October 2021. In this article, we’ve highlighted all the inputs gathered for further regulatory development.   So, let’s begin! Canada’s Cannabis Regulation- Decoding The Information The inputs gathered through this nationwide consultation was primarily meant to understand the following areas: Cannabis research involving human participants for non-therapeutic purposes. Cannabis testing Public possession limits Product labeling conditions And a few more related to licenses and other aspects of cannabis. In other words, Health Canada wanted to know what the public feels about cannabis selling, labeling, and research. Many industry experts expect that this will result in mild relaxation of packaging rules and possession of infused drinks. Further, it might also change the display of labels. For instance, if you buy cannabis in Alberta or any other city in Canada, the products will have THC and CBD mentioned on the product label. However, it might change to mentioning other components as well. Thus, allowing consumers to choose the right alberta weed for themselves. People think it’s in their interest to talk to know what’s in their cannabis product. Further, they might be receptive to changing the equivalent rates for possessing cannabis. For instance, Canada allows consumers to carry around 30 grams of dried cannabis and only 2.1 liters of marijuana-infused liquids. This rule limits the beverages to…

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Source : Legal Cannabis Rules in Canada: What Can Change in 2021?

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