Lao Peoples Democratic Republic: Outlook For Cannabis Liberalization And CBD Market Authorization In Laos


29 July 2021 by Dino Santaniello (Bangkok) and Atthachai Homhuan (Bangkok) Tilleke & Gibbins In recent years, many countries have begun exploring the pharmacological effects of the cannabis plant and the economic benefits of cannabis liberalization. For example, Laos’ neighbor Thailand has cautiously moved forward with legalizing both cannabis and hemp for medical purposes and to boost the Thailand’s economy. The authorities in Laos are likewise looking into the possibility of opening up some of the country’s strict prohibitions on CBD and medical cannabis. However, little has been done so far, and consumption, production, and commercial use of cannabis-including cultivation and commercialization of hemp-related products-remain strictly prohibited. Those who market products related to hemp or CBD in Laos currently risk criminal or civil liabilities. Legal Landscape and Enforcement Risks The cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa L.) is known mainly for producing two compounds: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a psychoactive substance, and cannabidiol (CBD), a nonpsychoactive compound with several beneficial pharmacological effects. A cannabis plant with a relatively high amount of THC exerting psychoactive effects is known as “marijuana” (Cannabis sativa L. subsp. indica), while a cannabis plant with very little THC is considered “hemp” (Cannabis sativa L. subsp. sativa). Marijuana and hemp have not been defined under Lao law, and the Lao authorities usually take the approach that marijuana is synonymous with the cannabis plant, regardless of the percentage of THC in the plant. The Law on Narcotics No. 10/NA, dated December 25, 2007, prohibits narcotics from being used in Laos. The Decree on the Implementation of the Law on Narcotics No. 076/PM, dated March 20, 2009, declares the “cannabis plant” a narcotic-producing plant, prohibiting its cultivation and possession, and officially places THC on the country’s list of prohibited narcotics. As CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, products containing the compound are therefore likely to be prohibited as well.…

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Source : Lao Peoples Democratic Republic: Outlook For Cannabis Liberalization And CBD Market Authorization In Laos

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