4 Ways to Prepare for the Cannabis Licensing Process


<![CDATA[Several states legalized adult-use cannabis during their 2021 legislative sessions, and while many industry hopefuls are eager to enter these new markets, most have not yet adopted regulations for cannabis business licenses.So, what’s an entrepreneur to do?According to Jay Czarkowski, co-founder of cannabis business consulting firm Canna Advisors, those looking to secure licenses in Connecticut, New Mexico, New York, Virginia and beyond can make plans now, while the rulemaking process is under way, to serve them well later, when the actual application becomes available.“There are things one can do to stay ahead of the curve no matter where you’re at,” Czarkowski tells Cannabis Business Times and Cannabis Dispensary.Here, he shares four ways entrepreneurs can prepare for the cannabis licensing process.1. Secure real estate.Czarkowski says it’s never too early to start thinking about a business’s location, especially in more conservative states, where municipalities could ultimately ban cannabis businesses from operating within their jurisdictions.“There are always these folks that wait until the very, very end—way too late—to try to secure real estate, and that’s what sinks them at the eleventh hour,” Czarkowski says. “They just don’t have that piece covered, and you need that.”2. Build community relationships.Once a business secures its location, Czarkowski says the team should develop local relationships to earn the community’s trust. This includes the local planning board, zoning commission, city council and law enforcement.“You’ve got to start somewhere, so pick up the phone or go down in person and reach out to local officials,” he says.LISTEN: How to Win a Cannabis Cultivation License3. Recruit your team.While most companies likely won’t start hiring employees until they have a license in hand, Czarkowski says startups should recruit partners with specific areas of expertise to help launch the business.“Putting the team together now is good because when it comes time to…

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