How Frenchy Cannoli Saved the Emerald Triangle

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Leo Stone had just won first place in the 2012 Emerald Cup for his cut of Mendocino County-grown Chemdawg Special reserve. Following his acceptance speech, he was walking off the stage, trophy in hand, when a stranger accosted him. The stranger was a small, funny-looking man with a prominent nose and pointy ears, an enchanting smile like the Cheshire Cat’s, and a foreign accent, thick and rich like resin. He had something to show Stone, and he needed to show him immediately — no time for being coy or waiting in line to offer the winner his well wishes. “He bum-rushed me and showed me the loudest hash I’ve ever smelled in my life,” recalled Stone, the founder of Aficionado Estates, a leading seed bank with more than 20 major cannabis cup awards to his credit. As far as icebreakers go, Stone’s introduction to Frenchy Cannoli, the Northern California master “hashishin,” educator and personality who died July 18 was an unprecedented success. “I told him right then and there, ‘You’re my hash guy forever,’” Stone told me in an email. Keep in mind this was before they’d even exchanged names — Frenchy’s, a sly and playful adaptation of the French and Italian influences on his real name (which as far as I know, was never revealed publicly). “He was officially my hash guy without even smoking his hash — the nose alone sold me,” Stone added. “And his energy.” For the rest of Frenchy’s life on this earth, which ended at age 64 following complications from a surgery, he and Stone remained close friends and collaborators. Frenchy immediately zeroed in on Stone for two reasons. Stone recognized the importance of the dirt in which his cannabis was grown. For winemakers, this concept is known as “terroir,” a word Frenchy would deliver…

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