AFP Head Says Decriminalizing Drugs Is Dangerous


We’d suggest playing exactly the same game we have for the last nigh on 100 years doesn’t appear to have gotten us anywhere either. If the AFP think that demand for “illegal” drugs will dry up let’s be honest he’s in fantasyland. More law and enforcement means bigger budgets year in year out for law enforcement agencies and yes some of his arguments ring true especially those around the environment but until politicians and law enforcement agencies work out that the only way they’ll combat the black market is to supply better quality cheaper regulated drugs   The Guardian reports The Australian federal police commissioner, Reece Kershaw, will use a speech on Wednesday to declare decriminalising drug use “will not stop organised crime” because the revenue stream from the trade will continue to fund criminal activities. Kershaw is expected to use an address to the National Press Club to toughen language around illicit drug use. According to an extract of the speech, Kershaw will argue Australia has “made great strides in healthier living – more exercise, drinking less, being sun smart and giving up tobacco – yet too many are ignoring the damage that illicit drugs do to our bodies and our minds”. “Making these drugs lawful will not stop organised crime – it will likely embolden them, make them richer and enable them to buy more guns and pay for more murders.” The commissioner will note that a kilogram of methamphetamine is bought for about $1,800 in Myanmar and sold wholesale in Australia for between $63,000 and $150,000, while a kilogram of cocaine costs about $2,300 in Colombia and is sold domestically for between $220,000 and $450,000. The police commissioner’s address on Wednesday is expected to focus on organised crime and future options for combatting transnational serious organised crime in the…

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Source : AFP Head Says Decriminalizing Drugs Is Dangerous

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