Europe’s Growing Cannabis Industry

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The European continent is home to a massive economy. It’s so large that four of the world’s top ten economies are located on the European continent (as measured by GDP). If a company in any major industry can gain a strong foothold in Europe, then it should be set up to reap potentially enormous financial rewards. This is particularly true for cannabis companies as reform continues to spread across the European continent. Europe has long been home to some of the best cannabis communities on Earth. For several decades, Amsterdam, Netherlands’ capital, was considered the undisputed cannabis capital of the world. Tourists from around the globe traveled there to visit cannabis cafes and purchase world-class products. Barcelona is another example of a European city that is home to a robust cannabis community. Hundreds of cannabis clubs operate in a legal grey area in the city, and cannabis is easy for travelers and locals to find. Many other cannabis-friendly cities are sprinkled throughout the European continent and remain popular destinations for cannabis enthusiasts. A New Era Begins As of this writing, no European country has fully legalized cannabis for adult use. Even in Amsterdam, where cannabis has historically been easy to find and purchase, cannabis is not technically 100 percent legal. Rather than permitting and embracing a completely legal industry, Europe’s cannabis-friendly jurisdictions have historically operated under policies that tolerate an unregulated cannabis industry. However, In recent years, that has changed. Thanks to cannabis reforms, the legal cannabis industry has ramped up considerably in many countries in Europe – most notably in Germany. Since 2017, every doctor in Germany has been allowed to prescribe medical cannabis. That policy change initiated a tectonic shift in Europe’s cannabis industry landscape. Initially, Germany did not have the infrastructure in place to supply its medical…

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