Consider yourself a foodie? Try these 10 weed products

Moving past the sometimes cringe-worthy term “foodie,” there is a world of cannabis products specifically designed for those of us who seek out flavor and culinary creativity in our infused eats.  Below, check out ten gourmet products, from delicious edibles to appliances built to unleash your inner chef. Each product has a thoughtful design and no compromise when it comes to flavor and/or the ability to customize according to your palate.  Edibles From alcoholic alternatives to unique sweets and snacks, the edibles market is constantly improving with higher quality and tasty products.  For a wine and booze alternative: House of Saka Pink  My background in the wine world has made me skeptical of a dealcoholized wine’s ability to hold its own in terms of body and flavor, but House of Saka absolutely does. With care and attention at every step of the process, the result is a fresh and fruity beverage that doesn’t taste like wine per se but delivers a well-balanced complexity as a cannabis wine alternative.  It pairs well with anything a rosé would. The best part of this refreshing beverage is the effect — palpable but not too strong; you can easily share this bottle with a friend for a fun and relaxing high and no hangover.  Available: California For a pre-dinner buzz: Plus gummies Hands down the best gummies I’ve ever had, both for flavor and effect, Plus’s gummy offerings are fantastic. Conceptually evolved, the brand matches its terpene flavor profile with real fruits to craft strain and flavor-specific gummies.  The nicely packaged bite-sized sweets come in three flavors: pineapple (hybrid), grape (indica), and lemon (sativa), with notes from both the cannabis and the fruit shining through. There are plenty of us who actually like the flavor of cannabis, and these gummies celebrate that in a…

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