Marijuana Decarboxylation: All You Should Know


  In the past few years, the American cannabis industry has faced several sweeping reforms. These reforms are aimed at sanitizing the industry. According to experts, these reforms have made consuming cannabis safer than before. Thus, if you are planning to use cannabis, it’s important to familiarize yourself with these reforms. In particular, those planning to take potent weed must learn about these reforms, including the main reasons for marijuana decarboxylation.  Here is why you should pay close attention to marijuana decarboxylation. Introduction What is decarb? Decarboxylation refers to a chemical reaction that results in the production of carboxyl and carbon dioxide from a substance. When marijuana is subjected to this process, COOH molecules are removed it and water plus carbon dioxide are released. THCA molecules are also changed into THC (delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol). This fascinating process typically converts raw cannabis into potent marijuana for consumption. I It’s also important to note that decarboxylation converts CBDA into CBD. Raw marijuana often contains raw forms of THCA and CBDA. But when it’s taken through decarboxylation these substances are converted to THC and CBD respectively. Why Is It Important? Decarboxylation is an important process that releases THC from THCA and CBD from CBDA. While raw cannabis possesses some useful properties when raw, it won’t get you high. But when it’s fully decarboxylated, marijuana offers numerous health benefits. And this is mainly because THC and CBD possess powerful healing properties. Without this process, the cannabis you consume will only contain essential vitamins, as well as, nonactivated cannabinoids. How Is Weed Decarboxylated?  There are many ways to decarboxylate marijuana. But if you want more control, it’s always better to use an oven or a microwave. Automated decarboxylation is also an incredible technique. If you don’t have access to such equipment, you may want to consider trying…

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