5 Ways to Clear Up Your Complexion


Acne is one of those skin conditions that’s never fun to deal with. People of all ages experience breakouts, even adults. Not having a clear complexion is frustrating! Thankfully, there are some things you do to battle the skin impurities that threaten to take over. Wouldn’t it be nice not having to worry about the acne on your face and other parts of your body? Try these five techniques to banish acne once and for all. It’s time to make way for a clearer and radiant complexion!   1. Clean Up Your Diet If you’re eating lots of chips and cookies as of late, that could be the cause of your breakouts. Processed foods like cookies, chips, and bread are likely affecting your skin. A diet high in sugar and simple carbohydrates may cause your acne to flare up without warning. Luckily there’s something you can do about your diet. Try cutting out sugar and simple carbohydrates. Or, at least, try to cut back on how much you’re eating. If you make an effort to eat healthier foods like more fruits and veggies, your skin will look a lot better.   2. Find a Facial Cleanser That Works Using a facial cleanser morning and night, or at least once a day is an excellent way to care for your skin. A cleanser takes care of impurities that develop on your face. And, if it’s the right cleanser, it’ll clean your skin without stripping it of its moisture. It may take some trial and error to find a skin cleanser that works for you. If you have sensitive skin, look for a mild, gentle cleanser. And look for ingredients that you may be allergic to. Otherwise, selecting the wrong cleanser can make your acne worse!   3. Don’t Touch Your Face…

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