Energy Insecurity Means More Cannabis Growers Living Off Grid


Living off grid is a growing trend because it’s sustainable in a world that needs it, and now technology is evolved to allow medium-sized cannabis grows to be completely off grid. An important part of cannabis culture is a return to the Earth, to a greater integration with nature. While it’s true that traditionally, our demographic has lived on the fringe of society and outside the law, the circumstances of the modern world have pushed many to seek greater autonomy. As such, many cannabis growers are now developing technology to grow off grid. Importantly, their techniques create improvements for the lifestyle, altogether. What is living off grid? It means your home and grow operation are not tied into “the grid,” that source of power that comes with a flick of a switch. Off gridders generate their own electricity, and can even make money pushing some of that back into the main grid. For some, the reason to invest in off-grid-living is to avoid the endless increase to energy costs; and for others, the desire to escape the vulnerability and capital loss of frequent and unpredictable power outages. Going off grid completely, or even creating a microgrid, are two viable options for those looking to embrace growing cannabis while living off grid. How Much Power Does a Cannabis Grow Neeed? There’s a very good reason as to why serious cannabis growers are looking into other energy generation options. As legalization spreads, more and more operations are plugging into “the grid,” the demand can often exceed capacity. And if the power goes out in your grow for more than a few hours, it can mean big losses. So, when you couple the industry drain on the power grid with increased global demands due to climate change, you can quickly read the future…

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Source : Energy Insecurity Means More Cannabis Growers Living Off Grid

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