Candidate for Governor Would Legalize Marijuana in South Carolina


Former Democratic Congressman Joe Cunningham is running for office to unseat Republican incumbent Henry McMaster. Part of his campaign platform is the promise that if elected, he will push to legalize marijuana in South Carolina. That’s a bold vow in a state where getting caught with just one ounce of weed could result in a $200 fine and month in jail. Getting arrested on a second offense could mean a $2,000 fine and an entire year spent in jail. But Cunningham says making cannabis legal would generate millions in taxes and fees for a state that ranks in the Top 10 for states that require federal aid. He also said it offers health care options for residents of the state. “This is going to be a game changer in South Carolina. There are so many reasons why we need to do this, and the time is now,” Cunningham told the Associated Press. His proposal is the latest example of how marijuana legalization is making its way into The South. What Cunningham Proposes to Do Cunningham’s aim to legalize marijuana in South Carolina is likely to generate buzz around his campaign, at least for a time. But he is no stranger to that situation. When he flipped a long-time Republican congressional seat blue in 2018, he became a star of the Democratic party. However, he lost the seat just two years later in a close election. As a candidate for governor, Cunningham is backing cannabis legalization because he believes it will address a host of problems faced by his state. He told the AP that his state is “dead last” in areas such as education and health care. Cannabis tax dollars could help fund programs in those areas. He also said making cannabis legal frees police to focus on more violent…

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