Legacy Cannabis Vape Brand The Clear™ Rises Above the Competition With Five First-Place Wins in Different States


The Clear Is Recognized as a Leader in Distillate Vape Cartridges with Consistent Products Nationwide DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Legacy cannabis brand The Clear continues to dominate in legal cannabis markets across America, earning top honors in the Michigan High Times Cannabis Cup and Las Vegas Cannabis Awards. The Clear’s signature flavor, Blue Raz won first place in both markets with additional awards in Las Vegas for Chem OG, Lime Sorbet, and Black Cherry Soda. The complete list of awards and categories include: Las Vegas Cannabis Awards First Place Indica Vape: The Clear’s Chem OG First Place Sativa Vape: The Clear’s Lime Sorbet First Place Hybrid Vape: The Clear’s Blue Raz First Place THC Dominant Disposable: The Clear’s Black Cherry Soda Cannabis Cup Michigan First Place Recreational Vape: The Clear’s Blue Raz The Clear process was invented in California by a group of enthusiasts determined to find cleaner ways to consume cannabis. Clear Cannabis Inc. licenses proprietary processes, flavors and brand identity to its manufacturing partners. The Clear “method” ensures a consistent product from state to state. This is as important as it is unique due to restrictions on interstate commerce as a result of federal laws. First place wins across the nation showcase The Clear’s ability to produce a consistent, reliable quality product grown and manufactured by multiple operators. Michigan’s booming cannabis market made the opportunity to partner with cannabis product manufacturer Trucenta a priority for The Clear. The recent award shows the strength of the partnership. “We’ve been following The Clear since 2013,” said Andrew Falconer, Director of Sales at Trucenta. “We were already excited about our partnership with The Clear, and the Cannabis Cup win right in our backyard proved this was the right decision.” The Clear line is available in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Missouri. Learn more…

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Source : Legacy Cannabis Vape Brand The Clear™ Rises Above the Competition With Five First-Place Wins in Different States

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