Choosing the Best Cannabis Edible

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While plenty of bud connoisseurs are picky about the flower they smoke, the average consumer of cannabis-infused products may have trouble believing that all edibles are in fact not created equal. If you’re old enough to legally consume cannabis, you may remember a time when it was a mission to find a trendy, boutique cafe with locally roasted beans and non-dairy milk alternatives. Many were content starting their day with a hot cup of gas station coffee, cut with two percent and sugar. No disrespect to good ol’ gas station java, but the point is that we didn’t always consider coffee as something that could be segmented into different tiers of quality, influenced by factors as nuanced as the origin of the beans, the brewing method, or even the size and freshness of the grind.  Today, we find ourselves in a similar place with edibles. With so many options available, understanding how and where the ingredients within your edibles are sourced, can help pinpoint which cannabis edible is right for you.   So, what makes a truly premium edible? Well, as you might expect from the above coffee analogy… quite a lot of things! Here are a few key tips for selecting the product that’ll give you the most high-quality bang for your buck. Pay Attention to Ingredients This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how much undesirable stuff makes its way into your average bargain-priced edible. Artificial sweeteners, mineral oils and other fillers can cause an upset stomach and leave a nasty taste in your mouth. You want to look for an edible that uses real sugar or other natural sweeteners. But it’s not all about the sweet stuff. One of the biggest no-no’s for THC gummies, in particular, is using gelatin as a thickening agent. A…

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