15 Quick Tips to Improve Content Strategy and Increase Traffic for Your Cannabis Business


It is a good idea and an effective approach to follow Brian Dean’s content strategy. He assures that it is thanks to these key points that the MAU of the Backlinko blog reaches 304,265 users. Let’s have a look at each of them. 1. Versus Posting Users love to compare products, services, and offers — it is useful, visual, and better reveals the topic. Post more X vs Y content: One product or another; Indica-Dominant vs. Sativa-Dominant; Creams and lotions. As a rule, such queries are less competitive in SEO, and the CPC, on the contrary, is quite high — users are already aware of the services and are ready to choose. If you want to get help with creating high-quality content, address an MJSEO Agency that can help your cannabis business develop and increase its visibility. 2. Links to Profiles on Social Networks If you practice outreach and crowd marketing, always use links to social media profiles in your email signatures. According to the analysis of 10 million emails, the number of feedback to email with the indication of social networks is 9% more. 3. Content Recreation Instead of creating new landing pages, sometimes it’s better to improve existing ones. First of all, find pages that worked well, but over time began to lose traffic (use Google Analytics or a special tool for finding pages that are losing search traffic), check the relevance of the content, and then add or rewrite it, and you can get a profit of up to 260%. 4. PBC Formula Longreads work, but it’s not about the amount of text. Long introductions are boring and the value of the post is in the disclosure of the topic and the correct structure of the material. Use a PBC formula (preview, benefits, call-to-action) with a short…

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