Which SKUs Should You Pursue with Solventless Extraction?


<![CDATA[Once you’re in the solventless game, a galaxy of options reveals itself. Solventless extraction equipment can create dry sift, bubble hash and live rosin, each of which can be further honed into a number of popular products on the market. “Live hash rosin is where most brands want to get to at the very beginning,” PurePressure Director of Marketing Eric Vlosky says. ”That’s really where they want to start with solventless, unless you have a brand that is really focused on edibles or topicals and you don’t do dabbable concentrates. For the vast majority of brands that we talk to and consult, it really comes down to: You want to make a high-quality hash rosin, which is made with fresh-frozen cannabis, and bring that to the market because that’s going to be your highest margin product.”Solventless concentrates are a rapidly growing category within the broader cannabis market. On dispensary shelves from more mature markets like California and Oregon to newer medical cannabis markets like Oklahoma and New York, customers and patients will find a variety of solventless products. Instagram: @simpsonsolventlessSolventless SKU lineup from Eric Simpson of Simpson Solventless.Popular SKUs include: flower rosin, dry sift rosin, ice water hash rosin (each being widely sold and friendly to first-time operators), full melt ice water hash, full spectrum ice water hash, hand-pressed hash, as well as kief and sift. Arguably the most attractive of the bunch is the hash rosin vape cart, a solventless take on the popular market category.“A lot of the more advanced solventless brands that really put their name on the map with hash rosin early on started moving toward cartridges because they knew that it would enable them to expand their brand into a much bigger audience, because the number of people out there that will buy a vape cartridge and…

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