Rest In Peace Frenchy Cannoli


The Seedsman family would like to pay our heartfelt respect and admiration to legendary hashish producer and cannabis pioneer Frenchy Cannoli. In a touching tribute, his wife Kimberley shared with the world news of Frenchy’s passing. He left this realm peacefully on July 18th as a result of unexpected surgery complications. Frenchy Cannoli was known for his “unmatched” hash, and people who were close to him described his character as being utterly unique. He was, without question, the authority on the history of cannabis concentrates. As Kimberley put it, “Frenchy often shared there were 3 main periods in his life – first, the 18-year timeframe from when he left home in Southern France to travel, wandering the world, enamored of new cultures & experiences, then the period of fatherhood from his mid-30s to early 50s, and then finally the period of becoming the teacher that followed when he came to the states in the 2000s. I cannot begin to express how much meaning and joy his interactions with all of you brought him. He truly cherished this unexpected evolution of the latter part of his life.⁠” Frenchy Cannoli – Cannabis Icon Frenchy Cannoli was born in Nice, but left home as soon as he was old enough, lured by exotic adventures. He spent the first two decades of his adult life migrating around the world, cultivating hash in traditionally in I countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Morocco and India. He spent eight growing seasons living in caves, harvesting resin with cultivators in the Parvati Valley. Frenchy finally settled in California, where the early medical cannabis laws meant he could now produce legal cannabis concentrates and further his understanding and mastery. This new found freedom along with his years of experience led to a collaboration with the legendary Emerald Triangle cultivators,…

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