Report: Economic Impact of Cannabis in San Diego County


Here’s the Executive Summary The cannabis industry has gone through many series of events that has brought it to the billion dollar industry it is today. Since its move from the illicit market, to the legalization of medicinal cannabis in 1996, and continued positive shifts of perceptions of cannabis, there has been exponential growth in the industry. The Office of Business Research and Analysis (OBRA) has analyzed the general impact of the cannabis industry in San Diego County. Throughout this research, OBRA sought to find how adult-use and medicinal cannabis sales increases in revenue and influences the community regarding finances, police enforcement, cannabis license types, public health, and social equity. The cannabis industry yields a considerable amount of revenue to municipalities from cannabis city taxes. Data from public records requests from the cities of San Diego, La Mesa, and Vista illustrate the amount of money by quarter that each city has brought in since their legalization of medicinal cannabis and or adult-use cannabis. In 2019, medicinal cannabis taxation brought in over $1M to the city of Vista. In 2019, adult-use cannabis taxation yielded over $12M to the city of San Diego and $183K to the city of La Mesa. As additional dispensaries are added, revenue numbers are expected to grow exponentially. Cannabis business license holders in San Diego County completed a survey created by OBRA that was used to analyze the industry’s demographics of those who hold cannabis licenses in the San Diego County region. The survey results indicated that 68% of cannabis business license holders were White, 14% Hispanic, 7% African-American, 3% Middle Eastern, 4% American-Indian, and 4% Asian. Additionally, 87% of cannabis business license holder participants were male and 13% were female. Based on these results, racial diversity within this industry remains an issue. It is advised for…

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Source : Report: Economic Impact of Cannabis in San Diego County

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